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Transformation Lighting Committee:
Minutes from the 2/8/17 meeting

Eastport Civic Association:
If you’re interested in learning about our Eastport neighborhood here on the south side of Spa Creek, finding out about upcoming meetings, or joining the civic association, click here:

Planned Construction Projects:
You may have heard about planned development projects in the area, including the South Annapolis Yacht Center and the Eastport Shopping Center. You can click on this link to read about both projects, neighborhood concerns about the potential impacts, and opportunities to learn more or participate:


WELCOME to all our new neighbors – hope you will enjoy living here at Shearwater! 

I was talking with a few of our owners recently, and a question came up about the origin of our community’s name.  A “shearwater” is actually a medium-sized long-winged sea bird whose name comes from the bird’s habit of flying so close to the water that they “shear” off the tips of the waves.  Have any of you seen one here?

According to the information in Wikipedia, many of these birds are long-distance migrants, which is appropriate because many of our neighbors also have moved here from places far away!  Shearwaters appeared in a “Wild Ireland” PBS special in September, hosted by Colin Stafford-Johnson, an Irish wildlife and natural history cinematographer.  He rowed & walked all along the western coast of Ireland, and among other wildlife, filmed the thousands of shearwaters who came back to the Skellig Islands every year to nest. 

Committees & Projects:  As you know, here at home we have a number of ongoing projects.  A brief update is included below, and our committees and the wonderful volunteers helping out with these projects are also noted.  If you would like to assist with any of these activities, please contact me or someone on the committee. 

New Resident Information:  For our new neighbors, please check out our website -- there’s a great deal of information and several links on the home page that may be helpful to you.  A description of what’s on each page of the website is included in the New Resident Handbook (see the link on the website Home page).  I’m putting together a one-page “Getting Starting at Shearwater” list – including getting a parking sticker, setting up a gate code, getting keys, etc.  If you have suggestions for what to include, please do send me an email (

Hope you all are enjoying this strange weather – hot, cool, thunderstorms, baking sun – but for those of you who don’t like it, don’t worry.  Soon it will be autumn!

Fall 2017

Survey:  Terrain has completed the property survey and the results are in review.  Once this is complete, we’ll discuss the results with our neighbors, update the plans for the kayak rack replacement as needed, and decide about extending our fences in a couple of key areas.

Kayak Rack Replacement:  The design and bid for the kayak rack replacement and the electrical box relocation were approved in January but according to the survey there are some concerns about the property line.  So this replacement is on hold pending discussions with the appropriate parties. [David Densmore and the Marina Committee]

Deck Inspections:  The Board approved the bid by Becht Engineering to inspect all decks that were not replaced over the past 3 years.  Becht will require access thru the units in order to inspect the decks, beams and posts.  The inspection has been scheduled for 9/26-29:
Buildings 1-3:     Tuesday 9/26
Buildings 4-7:     Wednesday 9/27
Buildings 8-11:   Thursday 9/28
Buildings 12-16:  Friday 9/29
Letters were mailed to all home owners early in September so they can make arrangements for someone to be home during the scheduled day.  If a home is not made available during the scheduled time, there will be a cost incurred by the home owner.  This inspection will identify decks with structural issues that need to be replaced in the next phase of the deck project. 

Tree Maintenance & Removal:  Davey Tree has begun removal of dead limbs & trees;  including the dead pine by the Mitchell Street dumpsters (HOORAY!) and two large dead trees behind the tennis courts.  They are also working in stages to remove branches that are touching the buildings.  According to the City, any tree removed within 100 feet of the water must be replaced;  this work would be done in the spring.  [Cheri Hall and the Landscape Committee]

Transformation - New Signage:  The committee has completed several walk-throughs and compiled a comprehensive list of signs that need to be replaced or added.  They’re reviewing this list with companies to get an initial estimate of cost in order to present options to the Board.  [Ed Ambrogio and the Signage Committee]

Transformation - Siding Repairs:  Approximately 95% of the repairs have been completed to building siding and the bottom course of siding around building entrances (this was one of the Transformation Projects.  The remaining repairs are at a height that will require scaffolding for safe access.  This is the contractor’s busy season, so the work is still in the process of being scheduled.

Transformation - Building Light Sconce Replacement:  Following the community meeting on lighting held on February 8, a detailed scope of work was prepared for replacing the existing building lights (front and back).  This scope was forwarded to a number of contractors and MMG received bids from seven (7).    The Lighting Committee asked MMG to request a number of clarifications.  The final responses will be reviewed as soon as they’re received, and the committee and MMG will present their recommendations to the Board. [Sharon Hobson and the Lighting Committee]

Deck Power-washing:  In order to prolong the life of the decks, enhance the overall appearance of the community, and reduce the cost of deck replacements, all decks, beams and posts need to be power-washed and sealed every two (2) years.  MMG is putting together a bulk project for this fall to help ensure that this cleaning is done consistently throughout the community.  Having the cleaning done from the top down means that units below will have advance notice to remove or cover the items on their deck, and will only be impacted once, rather than multiple times, by deck cleaning on floors above.

Main Drain Cleaning:  Cleaning of the kitchen and main drains of all but three (3) units has been completed.  The master bath drains of the terrace units will also need to be cleaned.  Since the initial plumber has increased their cost estimate, MMG is investigating other pricing.

Towing Company:  North County Towing is no longer serving the Annapolis area, and it has been challenging to find a local company to provide towing services to Shearwater. MMG has finally located a qualified company;  once a contract is negotiated, a new sign will be posted at the entrance.  Please make sure all resident cars have stickers visible in the back left windows (above the trunk;  NOT in the side or front windows) and park in resident spaces.  Ensure any guests park their car in an identified guest space, and if they’re staying overnight, that they put a guest hang tag on the rear view mirror.

2017 Parking Stickers:  All but one owner has provided their parking information and received new stickers.  If you have any issues with your stickers, please notify MMG at  NOTE:  as you may have noted, the new stickers are clear, and thus extremely difficult, especially through tinted windows.  If that’s the case with your car, please tape a small square of white paper behind the sticker -- this makes it much more visible, and it’s worth it to make sure your car can be identified!   [Maryan Cummins and the Parking Committee]

Transformation – Racquetball Building Repairs:  A committee has reviewed the state of the building and compiled a list of repairs needed to restore the building and prevent further deterioration.  This assessment is being reviewed by the Board before obtaining bids for professional oversight and repairs.  [Larry Birch and the RB Building Committee]
Social/Welcome Committee:  A few new residents have expressed an interest in forming a combination Social/Welcome Committee -- are you interested in wine-tastings?  Bridge or poker?  Local sight-seeing?  Welcoming new neighbors?  If so, please get in touch with Mike LaFortune ( or Lynn Maichle (
Transformation - Landscape Improvements:  The Landscape Committee is reviewing with Level Green the quality of work performed on a regular basis, and requesting adjustments as needed.  They have also conducted several walk-throughs of the community and discussions with individual home owners and are prioritizing a list of areas to be addressed in the fall (cleanup) and in the spring (new plantings).  [Cheri Hall and the Landscape Committee]
Transformation – Oyster Shell Paths:  The Landscape Committee is also looking at the erosion of oyster shell paths, and compiling recommendations for restructuring and/or cleanup. [Cheri Hall and the Landscape Committee]

Storage Room Cleanout:  Items belonging to or abandoned by residents had accumulated in the storage room areas in several building;  these have now been removed or stored in the lockers by owners, or removed by MMG and taken to the dump.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this clean up! 
Unclaimed Bicycles:  All but 2 of the orphan bicycles in the Racquetball Building have been claimed and tagged by their owners with a label or tag.  The 2 bicycles remaining are:  Kona black man’s bicycle, Giant blue man’s bicycle with white lettering.  The list was published in the Shearwater MARK newsletter, and in the eblast sent out by MMG on 9/11.  Any bicycle not claimed by 9/22 will be removed and donated.
Front Door Painting:  As noted in the “Duty to Maintain” amendment to the Shearwater By-Laws (you can find this amendment in the Condo Documents section of the Metropolitan Management page on the website), maintaining the front door is a unit owner responsibility.  MMG will be arranging a bulk painting project, but for residents who wish to paint their own doors, you can either purchase a quart of paint (see the specifications in the Architectural Guidelines on the Committee page of the website), or borrow the paint from Lynn Maichle.


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Labor Day Pool Party 2017

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Pooch Pool Party 2017

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Message To New Owners and Tenants

Welcome to Shearwater

Whether you are a renter or an owner, we extend a warm welcome to you.

You can find a wealth of information about Shearwater on this website, including information about how to contact the property manager (Metropolitan Management, 1-410-508-3819); copies of association By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and other key documents; a list of reliable resources; information about the marina, dinghies and kayaks; answers to Frequently Asked Questions; and a wealth of other tips."

For a complete list of Shearwater Rules and Regulations, see the Metropolitan Management section of this website. There are a few rules that may not be obvious but can go a long way toward being a good neighbor. Most have to do with parking, trash disposal, and the marina. Please make yourself familiar with the following rules, and take the time to review the complete regulations on the website.

1. A maximum of 2 cars per unit may be registered with property management using the Parking Registration Form and submitting the required supporting documents. The sticker must be displayed on the lower left corner of the back window.
2. If you are a renter, the owner or you must submit a copy of the lease along with the Parking Registration Form and the required supporting documents for your car.
3 Parking is head-in only.
4 Guests must park in guest slots only.
5 Violators will be towed after a warning.


1. There are 2 dumpster locations; one next to the main entry gate off Boucher and one near the Mitchell Street gate. Trash pickup is every Tuesday morning.
2. If the trash containers near the Mitchell Street exist are full, please put the trash in the regular or recycle dumpsters next to the main gate. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.
3. All boxes must be first broken down and then put into the recycling dumpster.
4. Please push trash bags toward the back of the dumpsters. If the areas in back of the sliding side doors are full, lift the top and put the bag toward the back of the dumpster. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.


1 You must contact the dockmaster regarding use of slip, floating dock or kayak rack. David Densmore, Dockmaster 410-268-1539

2 Do not place a boat or kayak in the marina facility even temporarily without contacting the dockmaster.

If you would like to be included in the community directory, email the information to the website coordinator at

Thank you.

Shearwater Condominium Association Board


Reminder on Need for Permits

The City of Annapolis reminds owners who are contemplating interior renovations to their condo unit, that a building permit is required. Typically your contractor would apply for this permission.

Potential Electrical Hazard

bikeSome unit owners have experienced problems with their electrical panels that could be hazardous. If you have breakers that constantly go off or sparking, you should consider getting an electrician or home inspector to look at your panel. It is believed that the problem may be that some of the panels contain an aluminum bracket that is not as safe as newer copper panels.


squirrelPlease...Don't Feed Me!

Some people think they're cute,
Some people think they're a pest,
Either way please don't feed them,
all that does is make one big mess.

Seriously, be considerate of your neighbors and don't feed Shearwater's wildlife.



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