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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ is culled from the By-Laws, Declarations, and the Rules and Regulations, which are available in their entirety here.

What components of the condominium unit are the owner’s responsibility to repair and maintain?

As stated in the By-Laws, they include interior walls, interior surface of ceilings, walls and floor: door locks and hardware; lighting fixtures; kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances and equipment; and water and sewage pipes located within the boundaries of the unit (and the air conditioning equipment which may be located outside the unit).

deck views

Can a unit owner hang blinds on their deck?

According to the Rules and Regulations, the hanging of clothes, laundry, shades, or blinds, etc. is not permitted on any balcony or patio. However, at the request of the Board, the Architecture Committee approved the use of the Brighton Blind (a tan or natural wood color blind sold by Pier One) under the following guidelines:

  • Placement of the blind is only for the deck facing outwards, not for the side(s).
  • Blind should be mounted as close to deck ceiling as possible, so that when rolled up it is not showing from the front view; please avoid having the blind show from the front view looking straight on (i.e. from the water view).
  • Use of blinds is restricted to hours of 4pm to sunset.

If there is a leak in my unit, who is responsible for any damage to the unit below?

The By-Laws state that each unit owner is responsible for all damage to any and all other units or to the common elements resulting from the failure to make repairs.

Do you need to get approval for the installation of a ceiling fan on your deck?

Yes. You need to refer to the Architectural Guidelines for information on approved deck ceiling fans, and the fixture must be attached to one of the overhead joists, not to the boards of the deck above.


Are there notifications that need to be made before making improvements to the interior of your condo unit?

According to the Declarations, the owner shall notify the Board of Directors of any improvements to the interior of your unit that exceed $2,500.00 in cost.

Are there any design standards for window coverings?

Yes. Any window covering exposed to the outside (e.g. drapes, shutters or blinds) must be white or a neutral color such as beige on the exterior sides. Neutral wood finish is also acceptable where applicable.

Message to New Residents

Welcome to Shearwater

Whether you are a renter or an owner, we extend a warm welcome to you.

You can find a wealth of information about Shearwater on this website, including information about how to contact the property manager (Metropolitan Management, 1-410-508-3819), copies of association by-laws, a list of reliable resources, minutes for all association meetings, information about the marina, floating docks and kayak rack, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a directory of community residents.

For a complete list of rules and regulations, see the documents section on the website. There are a few rules that may not be obvious but can go a long way toward being a good neighbor. Most have to do with parking, trash disposal, and the marina. Please make yourself familiar with the following rules, and take the time to review the complete regulations on the website.


1. A maximum of 2 cars per unit may be registered with property management using the Parking Registration Form and submitting the required supporting documents. The sticker must be displayed on the lower left corner of the back window.
2. If you are a renter, the owner or you must submit a copy of the lease along with the Parking Registration Form and the required supporting documents for your car.
3 Parking is head-in only.
4 Guests must park in guest slots only.
5 Violators will be towed after a warning.



1. There are 2 dumpster locations; one next to the main entry gate off Boucher and one near the Mitchell Street gate. Trash pickup is every Tuesday morning.
2. If the trash containers near the Mitchell Street exist are full, please put the trash in the regular or recycle dumpsters next to the main gate. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.
3. All boxes must be first broken down and then put into the recycling dumpster.
4. Please push trash bags toward the back of the dumpsters. If the areas in back of the sliding side doors are full, lift the top and put the bag toward the back of the dumpster. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.


1 You must contact the dockmaster regarding use of slip, floating dock or kayak rack. David Densmore, Dockmaster 410-268-1539

2 Do not place a boat or kayak in the marina facility even temporarily without contacting the dockmaster.

Pet Regulations

Pets are allowed in Shearwater, but are governed by the Use Restrictions of the condominium By-Laws (page 20, Section3, part d).

  • Dogs may relieve themselves in the Dog Walk area to the right of the main Shearwater entrance.
  • Pet owners are responsible for removal of excrement from their pets having “accidents” elsewhere on the property.
  • Pets must be leashed or hand carried at all times.
    Pets are never permitted in the pool area, and on the tennis or racquetball courts.
  • Pets may not be left tied on balconies or outside their homes.

By-Laws state that the maintenance, keeping, breeding, boarding and/or raising of animals, regardless of number, is prohibited.

If you would like to be included in the community directory, email the information to the website coordinator at

Thank you.

Shearwater Condominium Association Board

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